Young Journalists Must Be Passionate About Journalism- Otufodunrin

By Deborah Omoare

The erstwhile Sunday Editor of the Nation newspaper, Lekan Otufodunrin has urged young Journalists to be passionate about Journalism.

He revealed this during a virtual interview with one of the Campus Journalists, amplifying that they must be interested in reading widely and must be prepared for the rigours that are involved in the profession.

The Veteran Journalists encouraged the young Journalists who are thriving to have landmarks in the profession to be meticulous and hardworking by reporting impactful humanitarian stories.

“The important thing to note is that Journalism is a job that gives you a lot of satisfaction that at the end of the day, you will be proud of what you have done but be ready for the hard work. Be ready to write, and rewrite and rewrite. Be ready to do the legwork that is involved not just armchair Journalism, depending on where you are on the job, but if you are going to excel, you must do reports that will have an impact and you must write things that people will read and know that “yes”, this person has done a great job,” he expressed.

However, he stressed that they must not be agog to have a crown in the profession without undergoing a lot of elbow grease.

“You must be prepared to land the ropes because some Journalists just want to start and become a star, it doesn’t work that way, there are processes you must follow. You may move very fast but notwithstanding, you must land the ropes and you must master it.

“You must understand the best practices and put them in efforts that are required for you to come to that level. More importantly, Journalism is a job that you must love and be ready to pay the price that is required,” he said.

Moreover, Lekan Otufodunrin has said that what keeps him on the track of Journalism despite the odds and difficult situations he has experienced in the field is feeling fulfilled by the impact of the works he has done over the years.

“Journalism is what I studied and love to practice. Like any profession, there are mixed experiences and I understand that some of the unpleasant situations are either part of the hazards of the profession or circumstances beyond the control of those who should do something about it.

“I also feel fulfilled by the impact of the work I have done over the years and the large benefits to the society beyond personal comforts,” he affirmed.

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