7 Things An Entrepreneur Will Never Tell You

Are you planning on becoming an entrepreneur? Do you know that there are things that entrepreneurs don’t tell people that plan on becoming one?

I like to tell you the brutal truth because I jumped into becoming an entrepreneur and I am still suffering because of my ignorance at the earlier stage.

1.) Your loved ones will frustrate you: you will be disappointed by your family and friends when you first present the idea of being an entrepreneur. They all believe that school is the way to success, they will do all it takes to bring you back to your senses.

You might try to explain all you can but the will play deaf ears until you start to get result none of them will be happy with what you have become.

2.) The path is lonely: This path is a very lonely path because only one out of every ten has that entrepreneur spirit. People will not understand how you fill, most time they don’t even understand what you are talking about when you try to explain.

You will not be able to share your pain and your joy with those around you because they just can’t see what you are doing.

3.) Focus on your product: I use to tell people “if coca-cola focused on the money and in his first year he did not make any profit there will be nothing like coca-cola today”. Sometimes it is important to look ahead on the “NOW” if you are concern about the money, your drive will be low if the money fails to come as expected.

Preparing the real product is actually the real money. Do you know if you have a good product you sell it till infinity?

Our aim should be

How do I create a product that people will use every second?

How do I make that thing that will be important to the world as life?

If you have that, then you have the world’s money to your pocket.

4.) Have a big bite than bark: This is very simple, talk less do more.

Real entrepreneurs let their action do the speaking. Entrepreneurs believe that the mouth is connected to the brain, too much talk reduces the capability of the brain.

5.) Be transparent: To that your business, to your co-worker and to yourself. No matter how tense you may be at a particular time always try to be sure you know what you are doing and try to see the result from the product (set a clear target)

6.) Wake up daily with a new idea: Every real entrepreneur wakes up daily with new ideas. At first, ideas will be difficult to come but when to try to set quiet for sometimes alone fresh ideas will roll in.

7.) Be happy to fail: Failure is what makes an entrepreneur stronger. When every an entrepreneur fails in something, he doesn’t get angry at himself, he doesn’t regret doing what he did, to him he has seen one way that what he was trying to do won’t work.

These are some of the things that most entrepreneurs will never tell you.

Now you know what you will be facing on the fresh path of entrepreneurship.

Welcome entrepreneur.

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