AApoly Alumni Emerges President At Porto Novo University

By Caleb Ijioma

An ex-student of Abraham Adesanya Polytechnic (AAPOLY), Arinze Adophy, has emerged as the Student Union President of Espam Formation University, a tertiary institution in Porto Novo, Benin

Arinze clinched victory at the poll on the 30th of April with 110 votes, beating his opponent, Otuke Paul who had 105 votes.

Adophy who spoke to EDUTORIAL described his victory as a call to service

“My victory is a call to service, because looking at the gap here, students here are lagging behind when compared to their counterparts in Nigeria. I feel this is a call tailored towards helping them get more out of their academics” he said

Arinze Adophy completed his National Diploma in Abraham Adesanya Polytechnic, Nigeria, where he studied Mass Communication. He  was the pioneer President of the National Union of Campus Journalists, Abraham Adesanya Polytechnic (UCJAAPOLY)

Adophy while speaking to EDUTORIAL, disclosed his plans

“We need to occupy the students more academically. The students here, especially the practical courses need more practicals to excel in their academics and they have not gotten it. Mass communication, for example, I shall be introducing them to an academic community named Nigeria/ Benin Mass Communication Students Association”

“In the association, we shall be practicing almost everything we are been taught in class. This is an association where mass communication students from various universities in the Benin Republic come together to practice what they are taught.”

“for other departments, like international relations, I hope to take them on field trips where they would be learning more about their course but outside the four corners of the classroom”

“The computer science students too,  I look forward to engaging them in seminars that would broaden their creative minds, help them learn more on system operation and creativity, we shall try to enhance the academic performance of all the departments and make sure Espam formation University stands out. All these are achievable with the co-operation of the students”

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