Meet Prince Tikare, the ‘Master Builder’ of Cinemas & Entertainment Buildings

Prince Tikare

Prince Tikare was born and bred in London, having had short spells living in Nigeria in his teenage years. He studied at the Metropolitan University, Kingston University and the Architectural Association in London.

He has worked for such high profile Architectural firms like SOM (Skidmore, Owings & Merrill). SOM built the World the tallest building in the world, Burj Khalifa in Dubai.

He sees himself as ‘Master Builder’, as the real definition of the word Architect, and tries to get involved in the complete cycle of the building and the design process. “I will quite happily get a shovel and make a mortar mix to improve the build quality of a wall and would not also shy from reading a drawing several time to get it right, and would also keep a keen eye on a BOQ.”

He heads SGI Design and Builds, one of the best cinema and entertainment buildings companies; who has designed and built the highest number of cinemas to date, about 48 cinemas screens across 14 cinemas for two numbers of the largest cinema brands: Filmhouse ad Genesis Deluxe Cinema. Previous to that, he worked for Warner Brothers International Theatres delivering cinemas in Italy, Germany, Portugal, Spain, Japan and the UK.

He understands the need for technical acuity. He has 2 numbers of UK patents under his belt. He has won the Gold Award for the American invention of the year 2007, INPEX, Pittsburgh, Gold Award for the World Innovation Expo, 2006 in Brussels and Gold Award for the British Invention of the year in London, 2005.

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