Aina Tasks Tertiary Institutions On Periodic Review Of Education Curriculum

A Professor of Educational Management, Olusola Aina, has called on tertiary institutions to periodically review and re-order the education curriculum to ensure that the course content meets the 21st century needs of the students.

Prof. Aina, of the Department of Educational Management in the Faculty of Education at the Lagos State University (LASU), Ojo, made the remarks in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Sunday in Lagos.

He said that the higher education curriculum should be constantly re-ordered because of the needs and demands of the students in the current situation.

“Every management of Universities must continue to respond to the needs of their societies in time and space.

“Universities that will be relevant in the 21st century must take advantage of globalization and internationalization to ensure best practices and linkages for effective productivity.

“University leadership in a competitive society of the 21st century should have an active research and development centre to coordinate the direction of research in the institution.

“The centre will additionally focus on creating linkages, collaborations, internationalization of efforts and mounting of advocacy for industrial cooperation and patenting of research breakthroughs,” Aina added.

He noted that it is imperative to note that university management in the 21st century had serious challenges in actualizing developmental objectives in various sectors of the economy.

“University education from a global perspective is fundamental to the construction of a knowledge-based economy and society in all nations.

“Yet, the potential of the educational system in developing countries like Nigeria is frequently thwarted by long-standing problems of policy changes or reform programmes,” Aina stressed.

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