Muminah Shares Her Story After Breaking 37-Year-Old Sociology Record At ABU


Muminah Musa Agaka shares her story after breaking a record at the Department of Sociology of the Ahmadu Bello University (ABU), Zaria, by coming out with first-class after the last record was made 37 years ago.

The 22-year-old graduated with a cumulative grade point (CGPA) of 4.60 out of 5.00.

Agaka said she attended Islamic Nursery and Primary School, Ilorin, and Islamic College also in the same state.

She went on to start the Interim Joint Admission Board (IJMB) program at Lanko Theory Educational Service Limited and proceed to Alhikma University, where she wrote her IJMB exams and was admitted through it at ABU to study sociology.

She applied sociology but never knew what it entails because it sounded nice to her.

The sociology graduate is a henna artist which she started right from the tender age of 11 and she enjoys it with her mum. She lost her dad while she was 7 years old.

She faced the challenge of weather, culture, and certain foods which she had to adapt to when she came to the Northwest.

Muminah disclosed that she gets hospitalized at least three times in a semester as she does not like stress.

She thanked Almighty Allah for the gift of life and how everything turned out for her.

The young woman never had the intention of making first-class. The breaking point was when she had a grade point average of 5.00 in her 300 level and that made her mum happy and she had to shed tears of joy. This propelled Muminah and also made her happy.

She ended up bagging first-class. She stated that she was consistent and also sacrificed a lot despite not setting a target. 

She appreciates her friends and families who have been there to guide her.

She suffered from migraine at some point and may last for three days.

I only did things I thought I should be doing and God crowned my efforts, she added.

She learned from a mentor not to be proud when she saw that her efforts paid off.

Miss Muminah went on to say that she was not an exceptional student even in her primary and secondary school days.

She discusses whatever she was taught for three hours and also reads throughout the night which has helped her. At weekends she relaxes.

She learned that knowledge is only useful when you instill it in others. This made whatever she reads stick and also gives her ideas.

Muminah plans to further her education up to Ph.D. level

Her advice for people out there is to be ready to learn. Read hard, pray and try to stay humble.

In addition, they should learn a skill to complement their certificate, she concluded.

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