Association Tasks Researchers, Academics To Be Education Innovative

The Nigerian Association For Educational Administration and Planning (NAEAP) has urged education administrators, researchers and academics to be innovative in all areas of the education sector in Nigeria.

 Prof. Mubasiru Mohammed, Chairman of NAEAP, LASU branch,  said this at the inauguration ceremony of Nigerian Association For Educational Administration and Planning (NAEAP)  Lagos State University branch (LASU), Ojo on Wednesday in Lagos.

Mohammed, also the Head of Department, Educational Management, LASU advised all the association’s members to be creative and do things in a new way.

“This association is meant for lecturers, researchers, practitioners and anyone that is occupying an administrative cadre.

“The vision of this association is to bring about innovation, pedagogical way of doing administration different from the old to the new methods.

“Any new members joining can become an associate and full membership of the association,” he said.

Mohammed said that one of the benefits of joining the association was to create different networks between academic and non-academic members.

“We have accepted the responsibility of the association wholeheartedly to be part of the NAEAP state, national and international,” he said.

Dr Banjoko Oludaisi, National Treasurer of NAEAP said that there should be synergy between the branch and state chapter for the smooth operation of the association in the state.

Oludaisi said that the Lagos chapter was known as the centre of excellence which made them stand out among other chapters in Nigeria.

“I congratulate the new branch and pray it will be a leading branch in the state chapter so other branches can be set up,” he said.

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