Author Urges FG To Motivate Nigerian Youths On Book Writing

An author, Miss Muneera Tahir has called on the Federal Government to intensify measures to motivate Nigerian youths in book writing.

Tahir made the call at the presentation of a book she authored entitled: ‘Nigerian Food Plating’, on Tuesday in Abuja.

The author who advocated for early education of children on creativity and art said she was motivated by her love for culture to write the book.

“Food brings people together, it connects culture and it is medicine for the soul.

“I chose food because it is amazing how you combine different ingredients together to create something that is mind-blowing.

“I decided to take it upon myself to change the narrative and to showcase Nigerian food is not only delicious and mouthwatering but aesthetically pleasing as well,” she said.

Tahir said that the country must take a lead in the committee of nations in the area of showcasing her culture, adding that one of the ways to do that was the presentation of her delicacies.

She said that there was more to food than just eating it.  It shows that before you can create food, you need to be all-inclusive by involving your senses.

“It shows that being in the food industry is not just by cooking but interpreting your art, showcasing your creativity because food is art.

“It shows that we are enriched in cultural diversity and it’s high time the world gets to know about the beauty in Nigerian foods.

“They say charity begins at home so I planned on showcasing what we have in the country by educating people on the importance of food presentation because we eat with our eyes first,” he said.


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