Lawmaker Stresses Need To Revive Reading Culture

Sen. Tunde Ogbeha has underscored the need to revive reading culture, whether for pleasure or academic purposes, as an essential habit to form the bedrock of greatness in the nation.

The Senator who once represented Kogi West Constituency gave the advice at the launch of books and inauguration of Missel Care Initiative Children’s Educational Club in Abuja.

According to him, good reading culture should be regardless of age, gender or status and is one of the most important ways of enhancing the mental, emotional and psychological growth and development of societies.

“Our children need to embrace the habit of reading and, in so doing, they will all embrace writing.

“I am glad that some of them (the children) have made contributions to one of the five books being launched today.

“I am informed that there are pieces that have been written by the children we have here.

“I do believe that there is no amount of investment that will be regrettable.

“It is this investment that will mould the character of these children to shun vices amongst the youths and in the society.

He said the habit would make them become very useful children to their parents and to society.

Sen. Ogbeha, the Chairman and Chief Launcher at the occasion, commended the author’s efforts to reestablish reading and writing culture, saying “it is possible to revive the reading culture in Nigeria for a better country”.

Mrs Michelle Dajur, the Chief Executive Officer of Missel Care Initiative and author, and initiator of the club decried the dearth of reading culture in Nigeria.

Dajur said reading culture, which was common among Nigerian students, youths and adults in the past, had been significantly eroded.

According to her, reviving the culture of reading and writing and values in society is a major reason she wrote the books and established the club.

“Reading culture in Nigeria, I don’t think I can say I am satisfied with that; I am not satisfied.

“One of the reasons for the club is the decadence in the education sector; so much has contributed to the drop in education.”

She explained that the books comprised ethics, community service and story books to motivate kids to read and write and inspirational books for adults.

The first two are story books. I encourage the children and teach them skills in writing and the other two, compiled by them, are to learn how to start writing.

“The last one is an inspirational book for children, especially those of Christian faith,” Dajur said.

Her husband, Gershinen Dajur, a Priest and General Secretary of the Anglican Communion, said he would support her ambition and ensure it worked to enhance the Church’s growth and national development.

“I am 100 per cent behind this initiative and I will support her; I have been supporting her and I will keep supporting her.

“By the grace of God, we will encourage her to widen the school and ensure the work is done properly and as expected.

“God will be glorified and she will be fulfilled in her life under God,” Dajur said.


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