Canada: 8 Universities With Application Fee Waivers For International Students In 2024

Canada currently has 8 universities that offer application fee waivers to applicants, according to

Although Canada is a great place to study, its universities have an average annual tuition of around CA$29,714 for international students, which is quite expensive for the average Nigerian given the exchange rate.

However, there are now opportunities to save money through application fee waivers provided by various universities.

Benefits of fee waivers

Applying to Canadian universities with fee waivers has financial benefits, allowing students to save an average of CA $500 during the application process.

This relief not only reduces the initial financial burden but also enables allocating funds to other essentials. Fee waivers also provide one the freedom to apply to multiple universities without concerns about costs, increasing the chances of receiving multiple admission offers.

  • To apply to Canadian universities with fee waivers, one must explore each university’s official website, as there is no centralized platform listing all universities offering fee waivers.
  • The process involves checking each university’s application fee policies and gathering essential documents to ensure a comprehensive and early application.

So far, there are eight Canadian universities offering application fee waivers and they include Quest University, University of British Columbia, Tyndale University, Booth University, Fairleigh Dickinson University, University of New Brunswick, Saint Mary’s University, and Algoma University.

Here is a brief information about each of the universities:

Quest University

  • Located in Squamish, Quest University, established in 2007, the university is known for its undergraduate liberal arts and sciences programs.
  • The university is open to breaking down financial barriers through its application fee waivers.

University of British Columbia

  • Founded in 1908, the University of British Columbia is a Canadian university offering application fee waivers to certain eligible candidates.
  • Application fee waivers extend to international students from the world’s 50 least-developed countries, and specific departments, such as the Department of Chemistry, absorb fees for domestic postgraduate applicants.

Tyndale University

  • Tyndale University in Toronto is a Christian institution, which is known to be Canada’s largest grad school for theology.
  • It is recognized as a Designated Learning Institution and welcomes international students with study permits.
  • While non-Bachelor of Education programs offer fee waivers for Canadians and Americans, there is a CA $150 non-refundable fee for international students applying to such programs.

Booth University

  • Formerly The Salvation Army William and Catherine Booth University College, Booth University College in Winnipeg, with a small student population of 282, is a gem for quality education.
  • The university is organized into four departments and emphasizes accessibility by not charging any application fees for international applicants.

Fairleigh Dickinson University 

  • Fairleigh Dickinson University is a private university that has campuses in New Jersey and Vancouver and offers application fee waivers through information sessions or virtual open houses.
  • Thand e university commits to fostering inclusivity and provides financial relief to eligible candidates.

University of New Brunswick 

  • As one of the oldest public universities in North America, the University of New Brunswick (UNB) prioritizes accessibility through its application fee waiver initiative.
  • UNB’s waiver is specifically tailored to Canadian and international students

Saint Mary’s University

  • Established in 1802, Saint Mary’s University, ranked #3 among undergraduate universities, is extending application fee waivers to both Canadian and international applicants.
  • The university is known for student awards, scholarships, and bursaries and prioritizes inclusivity

Algoma university 

  • Algoma University, located in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario is adopting a student-centered approach and promotes inclusivity by offering application fee waivers to Canadian and international students.
  • Algoma ensures equal opportunities for all students pursuing academic goals and is dedicated to breaking down financial barriers.


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