Covenant Graduate Launches Digital Marketplace to Ease Employment

Weje Praise

A Computer Science graduate of Covenant University, Mr. Weje Praise, has developed an all-in-one digital marketplace called ‘Job Unity Pro’, which offers employment opportunities for job seekers, projects for freelancers to work on and help employers to hire top talent for their companies in Nigeria.

In a chat with the University Communications Department, Mr. Praise sheds light on the inspiration behind Job Unity Pro. According to him, “Having benefited from the Entrepreneurial Development Studies (EDS) programme of Covenant University, I was inspired to be a solution provider to the world, using the programming skills I obtained via my degree in computer science”.

“I started the Job Unity Pro, to provide solutions to tackle the rising unemployment rate in Nigeria, as well as providing a platform for youths to earn money with the valuable skills they possess,” he added.

On the uniqueness of the Job Unity Pro marketplace from other job sites, Mr. Praise explained “Unlike most job sites that focus mainly on two types of users, such as job seekers and recruiters, Job Unity Pro, provides a unified platform for freelancers who possess valuable skills and may not want to seek employment, but are interested in working on projects outsourced by organisations or individuals.”

He said the initiative provides organisations with options to either post a job vacancy or outsource a project, and help organisations to be flexible enough to execute projects faster and provide income for freelancers. Organisations, he added, can also create polls to gain insight into what users on the platform think about a subject.

As part of the projections for the digital marketplace, he said, “The team will be adding a feature to enable trainers to sell capacity building materials or post-workshop programmes to either job seekers or freelancers.


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