Covenant University To Host 2-Day Workshop On Macroeconomic Diagnostics And Forecasting

Covenant University Centre for Economic Policy and Development Research (CEPDeR) in collaboration with the Department of Economics and Development Studies presents a 2-Day Workshop on ‘Macroeconomic Diagnostics and Forecasting’. The workshop is in line with CEPDeR’s vision to enhance the capacity of researchers towards evidence-based policymaking.


The main objective of the Workshop is to offer a beginner and intermediate course on the methods of analysing financial and economic trends for macroeconomic diagnostics and forecasting, which are crucial to understanding a dynamic global economy. Participants will also be introduced to the basics of Dynamic Stochastic General Equilibrium (DSGE).

This workshop targets Researchers, Postgraduate Students, Policymakers and Industry-Practitioners. All applicants are expected to be NIGERIAN residents.

Analytical Software to be explored in the cause of the workshop are Excel, EViews, and Stata.

Date: Wednesday, 2nd to Thursday, 3rd December 2021.

Time: 9 am to 5 pm daily

Venue: Seminar Room, 5th Floor CUCRID Building, Covenant University

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