Don Calls For More Institutions Of Higher Learning To Absorb Admission Seekers

The Rector of Gateway ICT Polytechnic, Dr. Isaiah Oyeyinka, has called for the creation of more Institutions of Higher learning to address the problem of admission faced by millions of youths seeking higher education.

Oyeyinka tasked the government to make provisions for more universities, polytechnics, colleges of education, technical and vocational schools as well as other learning institutions across the nation.

Oyeyinka made the call while speaking with newsmen, shortly after the 16th matriculation ceremony of the Institution.

The Rector appealed to the government for an increase in the carrying capacity for schools until more learning institutions are created.

He pleaded that modern facilities be constructed in schools to mop the high number of admission seekers roaming the street.

“The increasing number of out-of-school children across Nigeria remains a big concern for stakeholders, particularly in the education sector.

“There are over 13 million out-of-school children and this poses a great danger to the security architecture of the country.

“Aside from out-of-school, the number of admission seekers is also on the increase every year.

“To address this gap, I called for the establishment of more learning institutions as well as an improved carrying capacity laced with qualitative infrastructure,” he said.

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