Meet – Chipo Gatsi, Zimbabwe’s Youngest Female Commercial Pilot

Chipo Gatsi

Her desire to fly was ignited in her primary school days when she got an opportunity to get into the flight deck of the plane when flying to Cape Town with her family. 

After completing her A levels in 2007, she began to do something about her desire to fly. In 2008, she enrolled on a flying academy in South Africa. 

In 2009, she completed her Professional Pilot Course in Port Elizabeth, and successfully obtained a South African Commercial Pilot License with Multi-engine & Instrument ratings. She immediately returned home (Zimbabwe) to convert her license under the Zimbabwean Air Laws and standards. 

In 2010, at age 20, she joined Air Zimbabwe as a First Officer and went on to enjoy over a thousand hours of flying the Airline’s regional and domestic routes before joining Fastjet. 

Driven by her desire to fly, Chipo did not fall victim to the limitations society places on millennials and women in particular where career choices are concerned.

“Believe it or not, there are people who still have reservations about a young black woman being a good pilot. I have learnt to go the extra mile and push myself. Once you work on your competence, some of the negative stereotypes fall away. 

“My focus is to continually get better at what I do and I can’t say it has not been paying off,” said Chipo. 

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