Role Of Youth Towards Positive Change In Society

Hussain Hamzah

By Hussain Hamzah

Youth plays a critical role in the future of our societies, so investing in their development is so paramount to nation-building.

I believe youth can also have a greater impact because of their age, physical, emotional and psychological development towards positive change in society or country.

Youths also have a role to renew and refresh the current status of our society including leadership skills and innovations.

Allowing the youths to participate in a growing economy is an essential key to the national development of a society.

Youths are like the backbones of a society or country because they have the propensity to change the dynamics of a new paradigm shift in society.

Furthermore, youths are expected to advance the current situations of society towards bringing solutions through technology, education, politics and peace in the society.

Youths can bring social reformation towards improving the condition of society through positive ways.

Youths can also build a strong society with their skills, with the view of eradicating poverty, developing the economic condition and political stability of the society to which they belong.

Youths also can make a huge difference in every sector which will positively benefit our society.

Youths need to be included in politics, programme drafting, decision making and policymaking process that will benefit their future in society.

Youths will not only directly experience the outcome of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) plans but will also be the key driver for the successful implementation of the SDGs.

It is important to understand that youths have the power to make a difference in a constitutional way towards nation-building.

Also, the power of youths must be positively utilized in all areas of society.

Written by Amb. Hussain Hamzah, a Young Ambassador of the Nigerian Prize forLeadership.

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