Education Should Meet Employers’ Needs, Says Nile Varsity

Nile University, Abuja, has advised that the delivery of education should match the needs of employers.

The Head of Student Services at Nile University, Dr Fausat Aleshinloye, was quoted in a statement during the third edition of its Annual Career fair at the university campus in Abuja.

She said, “This Career Fair is a major milestone for us at Nile University because it is the biggest and the first to be organised since we became members of the Honoris United Universities. Employability is a key objective of Honoris, and this is reflected in its vision to continuously invest in reshaping the delivery of education to match the needs of employers against the backdrop of the fourth industrial revolution by preparing the 21st-century African talents for a more digitalised technologically advanced future.”

Vice-Chancellor of the University, Prof. Dilli Dogo, explained that the Career Fair focused on bridging the gap between students, graduates, and employers.

He said, “We realised that when graduates and interns apply for jobs, they compete against thousands of applicants for the same position. To that effect, we are leveraging our relationships with partner organisations to bring these employers directly to our students and alumni.”


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