How I Became A Millionaire At 19 – Odiaka


A young lady, Goodness Somtochukwu Odiaka has revealed how she became a millionaire at the age of 19.

Goodness shared her experience on her Linkdin page to inspire other young people, particularly ladies. She wrote:

“I didn’t want to share this story, but I realized that it could be a source of inspiration for many.

“I’m from a humble family of 6, and I’m the last in my family. An unfortunate event happened nine months after my birth, and I lost my dad before I could pronounce ‘dada’ like others.

“So, I grew up with my mum, a virtuous and industrious woman. She’s my role model because I saw how she fought to make ends meet.

“She took loans and along with her pharmacy, she gave us the best she could.

So, after high school, I got admission into an expensive state school which I knew she couldn’t handle.

“However, I had an uncle that came through at the start. I’ll indeed be forever indebted to him for starting me off. It didn’t last long, and I understood very well.

“But before then, I had always wanted to earn money for myself. I knew I can’t depend on someone forever.

“I was the President of my school’s Press Club, so writing was already my Forte.

“My breakthrough came while I was going through Nairaland. That was the first time I came across Freelance writing. I took interest immediately and registered on Upwork.

“At first, the money was coming in peanuts, and it was hard getting jobs as there was cutthroat competition on the platform. But I refused to give up.

“Well, refusing to give up wasn’t the only thing I did. I started saving from the few cents I got. I didn’t save with my savings account. I saved with FBNQuest where they gave me 10% returns per annum on mutual funds.

“I was 18.

“Every month, I made sure I put some nickels aside. So, when my uncle told me he couldn’t see me further anymore, I knew it was time. Mum’s business wasn’t doing well, and everyone in my family was still struggling to come up. I was on my own.

“I wasn’t exactly lost as I already had something. But I made a decision: I’ll not only be rich, but I’ll have more than enough to give others.

“8 months from that day, I had 1 million naira sitting in my mutual fund’s account. “I have made over $10,000 on Upwork, and the good life started.

“Fast Forward to 2021, I wasn’t only saving anymore. I started investing—stock investment, real estate, etc.

“It didn’t stop there; I gave my mum the nice pharmacy she had always wanted. I paid school fees for other students. I settled bills for the sick. Blessed people that couldn’t help themselves, etc

“Here’s an inspiration for every young person out there that’s struggling to make ends meet. Being from a humble home doesn’t mean you’ll have a humble life too.

“Don’t give up. The story didn’t go as easy as I made it sound here. It was a lot more than that.

“Suppose you’re like me, without any hope. I want you to know that God works in mysterious ways. Keep at it if you’re working on something yet to breakthrough.

“And when you start earning, don’t spend it on frivolous things. Save and invest.

“To every poor young girl out there, there’s hope babe.

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