How My Identical Twins Made It Through Medical School -Proud Mom

The Twin Doctors

A Senior Lecturer at Anambra State University Igbariam Campus, Uju Sussan, PhD, has shared the story of her twin boys, Chidimma and Chinemerem, who graduated as medical doctors on the same day.

The proud mother expressed her joy via her LinkedIn page.

Narrating the ‘headache’ that comes with raising identical twins, Susan said, “My first issue is identical twin boys and oftentimes, one is mistaken to be the other by neighbours and friends.

“During their first year in medical school, they opened an account with EcoBank and it clashed, reason is that their [bank’s] system is seeing one person opening a double account.

“One of the twins was asked to go home and come back the following week with his National ID card.

“They went to our local government to get the National ID card, it clashed again.

“Their (NIMC) system was seeing them as one person. One was asked to go home and come back the following week and complete his process.

“That’s how they were able to get their National ID.”

On social media, the issue of identity is as big as it is in real life. The twins’ mother said, “They opened an Instagram account, the same thing happened. One account was closed because they thought it was one person opening two accounts until they wrote and uploaded their ID cards, it was released.

“Last week on this app, LinkedIn, they wrote about their graduation and tagged me duly, but LinkedIn pulled down one of their profiles, thinking that it was one person until they wrote again and LinkedIn restored their pages.

Though the twins graduated from medical school on June 24, 2021, the journey was far from being a walk in the park.

The twins were described as “sons of consolation, very cool-headed, humble, kind, with fear of God” by their mother, who added that the journey was not for the faint-hearted at all.”

“But God in His mercy gave them victory,” she enthused.

Describing her twins’ journey to medical school, Susan said,  “In 2013, our family friend, Mrs. Favour, gave us an exercise book with a picture of identical twin boys (Drs Ekweanu’s) on their induction into the medical profession.

“She said to my children, ‘Twins, I see you in future as the boys in this picture.’ I smiled and left them.

“In 2014, their father and I were asking them what’s on their mind concerning their choice of course. They unanimously said they wanted to study medicine.

“I tried convincing the younger one Chinemerem to go for Engineering, he refused.

“After six years plus of reading, sleepless nights, praying and trusting God to see them through, they finally graduated on June 24th, 2021.

“Please, join me in welcoming home my children and saying congratulations to the sons of my youth, the children of consolation and the boys of the Muogbo’s house: Dr Chukwudimma Muogbo and Dr Chinemerem Muogbo.”

In the same vein, one of the twins, Chidimma, has shared their story, describing himself as a medical doctor/digital marketer.

“To God be the glory!!! We made it,” Chidimma wrote.

“I am Dr Chidimma Muogbo, graduated alongside my twin brother, Dr Chinemerem Muogbo.

“Our journey in medical school wasn’t easy. I remember one of our exams; we were nearly kicked out of the hall because of schools fees.

“But here we are today, both certified medical doctors. Glory be to God.

“I thank God for my parents, Uju Sussan, PhD; and Chief Okechukwu Muogbo, who both consistently supported us financially and otherwise throughout our stay in medical school.”

He then went ahead to pay homage to persons whose contributions made the journey an overall success.

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