Tips For Maintaining Your Momentum

By Olugbade Tolulope

“Momentum” is the force that drives something forward to keep it moving. It is also progress or development becoming faster or stronger. One of the most challenging roadblocks that people face in their journey to achieving goals is keeping their momentum going. It is hard, it is not easy.

There are days that you feel no motivation to do anything and you just want to relax and do nothing. So what should you do when you fail to come up with the drive and keep your momentum going?

The majority fail to achieve their goals because they fail to stick to their plans. They set goals and get excited, but for a short period of time. After a few days or weeks, they lose their momentum. They don’t feel as excited as when they first started. Eventually, their momentum dies down and they stop taking action.

You must learn how to maintain your momentum and keep it going. Stick to your plan and maintain your plan. Commit yourself to take consistent actions, don’t stop!

Learn how to maintain your momentum using these ten tips in this article.

1:  Be Yourself: You are unique; you don’t have to imitate others or their lifestyle. Do things in your own way, know you can do it and make a difference even without copying others.

2: Be honest: Your integrity is important as anything. Let your nay be nay, and your yeah be yeah. Speak the truth always.

3: Connect with the right people: Stay away from negative-thinking “experts.” Remember in the eyes of average people, the average is considered exceptionally good. Connect with wise people, not fools.

4: Don’t stop after a success: Don’t quit after a victory. The problem we have is that small doses of success have often inoculated us from catching the big success. Don’t stop there, continue. Don’t be satisfied by your present state.

5: Invest in yourself: Continue to develop yourself, build yourself, add value to your life, read value-adding books.

6: Be knowledgeable: Knowledge is power. Seek knowledge, learn new things each day, don’t become a novice.

7: Self-love: You have to love yourself first before others can love you. Put passion into whatever you are doing, celebrate yourself every time.

8: Stand out: When you stand out, it makes you different. Do normal things that others are doing but in an extraordinary way. In another pattern, another style.

9: Consistency: Consistency is the key, take consistent actions. You become better each day if you are consistent.

10: Never give up on your dreams: Though you might be surrounded by unfavourable conditions, but don’t give up yet. Success is at your doorstep.

   One of the great prizes of success is the opportunity to do more; keep the forward momentum. When the momentum is there, you become unstoppable. Your dreams are in your hands, now bring them to life!

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