How To Become A Private Tutor In Nigeria

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Online tutoring is a very profitable and easier way of teaching than the other traditional way. It is no surprise that the use and availability of internet services accompanied by advancements in technological inventions have made online tutoring very powerful and popular. Nigerian parents tend to show greater inclination and liking towards online tutoring for their children. The major benefits they claim to derive out of online teaching are:

Fewer distractions

Comfortable and private learning

Choose tutors according to your child’s requirements

Greater attention and focus on certain untouched areas of studies (one on one tutoring)

Excellent forum for asking questions

Less consumption of time and effort

To make the journey of online teaching a seamless and smooth procedure, let me list down some useful ways to become an online tutor in Nigeria.

  • Take an online course yourself:

It is better to take a few registered or free online courses from professionals who guide you accordingly. Receiving a course from the ones who are already ahead of you in this field of online tutoring is a beneficial way to help you learn and design your lectures effectively.

  • Be professional in your pursuit:

Do not let the word “home” in tutoring play the trick on you by making you think of the immense comfort you are offered at home. Many home tutors in Lagos carry the job of online tutoring professionally. Although the tutors are behind the screen, they make sure to dress in professional attire. This simple act of dressing in consonance will set the tone of your professional setting and increase the satisfaction of the guardians of your client.

  • Register with an online tutoring app or website:

In Nigeria, there are plenty of websites and apps that offer a forum for online tutoring. All you have to do is register, and you are ready to enjoy the perks of being a tutor working under the company’s name. The apps will be responsible for bringing clients to you. Start by providing your credentials, biodata, an acceptable profile picture, and other required information. Apps such as Upskills Tutor can be a good place for newbies to join online tutoring in Nigeria.

  • Fulfill the requirements of becoming an online tutor:

It is compulsory and expected out of an online teacher to be specialized in their subject or a specific area he has to teach. The necessary credentials an online tutor must have are;

A bachelor’s degree

A Master’s or Ph.D. degree

Subject related certificates

Teaching experience

Teaching certificates

Having these qualifications with you will increase your opportunity of attracting more clients and gain the trust of the organization or website you work for.

  • Verification and Approval of Profile:

The company or website you’ve registered for will confirm the authenticity of all the information you have provided in your profile. Once the details are confirmed, your profile will go public, and you will start receiving students.

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