Human Resources Skills You Need In Your Business

By Tolulope Olugbade

Your employees are your most important assets. They are your human capital. Whether it is training or recruiting, planning your human resources is important. Human Resources professionals need different skills to do their work well.

If you’re looking for the most important Human Resources skills you need in your business, you’re on the right page. As an entrepreneur, you don’t expect to manage a one-person operation forever. Below are the human Resources skills needed when your business grows.

1. Communication skills: The most used skill in a Human Resources organization is communication skills. Communication is very important in Human Resources Management, thus there is a link between the business and the employee. Human Resources teams interact with people on a daily basis in person, over the phone, and by email. They are also a source of information for employees.

2. Coaching skills: Coaching skills are helpful when it comes to one-on-one or group meetings to spread information or train people. This usually happens in training and development circumstances, but also in assisting frontline managers with people issues.

3. Recruiting and selection skills: One of the important Human Resources skills is Recruitment and selection. You need to find qualified candidates, select the best and explore if there is a match between the company and the manager.

4. Advising skills: Advising different stakeholders is very helpful in a Human Resources organization. You need to be able to advise both employees, line managers, and senior managers on personal issues. These issues can be very operational, for example; helping a senior manager with the formulation of an email to the department or creating a re-integration plan for an employee. This advice also has to be communicated.

5: Plan for staff Growth: Maybe your business started out with just three on staff, then five, someday hundreds. Plan now. Think of the specific tasks and jobs that are going to be needed. Write down the jobs and descriptions you think you will need now. Decide what order you will need those jobs to become a reality. You should set up a plan that has standards that indicate when a new position is needed. Have a plan of what comes next in terms of Human Resources and a description as to know when that plan kicks in.

6. Teamwork: Teamwork is one of those Human Resources skills that are impossible to avoid. As a Human Resources professional, you are expected to labor together with your co-workers and with managers in the organization. Working together fully by actively aligning Human Resources activities benefits both the organization and the Human Resources professional.

7. Show a genuine interest in each employee: Personalization is the requirement for effective Human Resources Management. When you are communicating with someone from the staff, it is important to take their preferences, personality, age, and goals into consideration. It is required of a Human Resources manager to keep tabs on everyone. You can’t inspire them to do a better job with generalized motivational talks. If you push them towards their personal goals, you will be on the right track.

With all these skills mentioned above, you are good to go as a Human Resources professional. It is all about planning ahead now before your business gets too big to make changes.

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