“Is it important?”

By Olugbade Tolulope

I know you are curious about today’s topic, you want to know what today’s topic is all about. I know you have a lot of questions on your mind and you need urgent answers regarding this topic. You don’t have to worry too much, you are in the right place and answers will be provided within a short moment. Just read through and concentrate.

To achieve your goals and be successful, your skills, strength, and intelligence are not enough, you need to be conscious of your CHARACTER.  That brought up the topic; “Is it important?” Yes, it is! Not just character but a reasonable and genuine character that people will respect.

You have a lot of people associating with you and looking for ways to help you achieve your goals because you have a cordial relationship with them; it starts from your character. How do you treat people that come your way? It’s not everyone that has nothing to offer, some have something great to give to you but it is your character that will determine if you will get it from them. Opportunities that will make you be a successful being.  

 You will definitely be accorded dignity and honor wherever you find yourself if you have an outstanding character. Have an exceptional character that people around you can vouch for in your absence; this will really help you in achieving your goals and moving forward. Let people know you for who you are. You need to detest and abandon any character that will give you a bad reputation.

Does my character really matter in the course of achieving goals? Is it a must for me to have a good character before I can succeed? Will other people consider my character before they help me? These are some of the questions most young people ask themselves whenever they are striving to achieve their goals. Most people don’t pay attention to their character because they feel it has nothing to do with achieving their goals.

Yeah, the character is important. Character is crucial in the journey of life. Your character will decide how far you will go in life, it will also maintain you in that high position you find yourself, your character will either attract helpers to you or withdraw helpers from helping you. Some might even say it’s their skills that matter, not character. No, my dear, if you don’t have a good character, no one will recommend you in high places. Don’t remain stagnant in that position because of your character. “A good name is better than gold and silver.” Build a good name for yourself through your character.

Take care of your character and your reputation will take care of itself. Character defines you, be conscious of your character as you strive to achieve your goals. You don’t need to be proud, be humble. Have a remarkable character!

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