Meet – Kedibone Tsiloane, Founder of South Africa’s First Plastic Bricks Manufacturing Factory

Kedibone Tsiloane, 32-year-old South African born Plastic Brick Maker and Co-Founder of Ramtsilo Manufacturing & Construction, South Africa’s first plastic bricks manufacturing factory located in Sasolburg, Free State. 

Made of 30% recycled plastic and sand, it is one of South Africa’s alternative forms of building materials.

When their brick was tested, it was found to have lower water-absorption rates and higher compressive strength than normal bricks, making it ideal for insulation and energy efficiency.

The factory works with more than 50 waste pickers in the Free State and on the East Rand, who supply some of the plastic. The remainder is collected from waste management companies and packaging corporations.

Ramtsilo Manufacturing & Construction also provides general building, sewer connections, civil engineering, and electrical engineering services.

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