Meet Tomide Bamigboye, Young US Based Nigerian Filmmaker To Watch Out For

Tomide Bamigboye

By Ayo Ajayi

Tomide Bamigboye is a 24-year-old film writer and director based in USA and Canada. She was born in Lagos but she is originally from Kwara State. Tomide has always had a passion for art and literature.

She has always been a performer right from Primary school. She attended Kingdom Heritage Model School, Canaan Land, Ota where she was in the choreography group and then went on to form her dance group in school.

She was in the Art Department at Faith Academy, Ota (her Secondary School) and after graduating, she attended Redeemer’s University for one year where she studied Theatre Art. She then moved to Canada to continue her Bachelor’s degree. She graduated with a BA in Drama, and also minored in Sociology.

After school, Tomide went on to work for a mental health organization as a youth and family counsellor for two years before pursuing her Master’s Degree in Filmmaking.

Tomide loves to tell stories about social issues happening around the world. She is also passionate about mental health and neurodiversity.

So far, Tomide has written a script about child marriage in Africa, she has written and directed a short film about depression. Her latest film “THE SPECTRUM OF YOU” which will be released next year is about a young adult who suffers from Autism and how he educates his support worker on his diagnosis and in return, his support worker helped him get out of his box and do things he would have never thought of doing before. She also directed the film.

Tomide’s goal is to educate the world on social issues, mental illness and neurodiversity, one movie at a time.

“OUT OF LOVE” is a film about love and friendship. It’s about two best friends who are in love with each other but never get the timing right. I’m sure most people can relate to this. Most people have ‘the one that got away.’

Tomide’s hope is that this film encourages people not to wait until it’s too late to tell their loved ones how they truly feel. “It doesn’t have to be someone you are trying to be in a romantic relationship with. It can be anyone you love. Go tell your parents and siblings that you love them before it’s too late”.

The film “OUT OF LOVE” was written and directed by Tomide, and it has done exceptionally well in the festival route. The film was selected at the Toronto International Nollywood Film festival and it won the award for “Best Student Film”, and Tomide won the award for “Best African Female Filmmaker”. The film was also selected at Emerging Artist Film Festival and won the award for “Best Drama” and it was a finalist for the “Best Drama” award at the Motion Pictures International Film Festival.

You can watch “OUT OF LOVE” on YouTube using this link:

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