NARPPMAN Urges Govt, Individuals To Invest In Rubber Production

National Rubber Producers, Processors and Marketers Association of Nigeria (NARPPMAN), Lagos State Chapter, has called on individuals, corporates and government at all levels to invest in rubber production for economic diversification.

Mr Oluwatosin Jeremiah, Chairman, NARPPMAN, made the plea at a press conference organised by the association on Saturday in Lagos.

Jeremiah said that Nigeria was yet to meet up with demand and supply of rubber production to the industries.

“Our plan is for Nigeria to become a major stakeholder in the rubber industry in Africa and the world.

“Natural rubber is a tree-plant that produces a sticky, milky secretion called latex; latex is collected from the tree through a process known as tapping which will be refined into rubber.

” Processed natural rubber has over 38 established uses including; tyres, tubes, conveyor belts, hoses, mattresses, vehicle parts, medical gloves, adhesives, handset cases and so on,” he said.

Jeremiah added that the cultivation of natural rubber on a commercial scale presented a wide range of economic benefits.

“The lengthy rubber-value chain includes brush-clearing, planting, harvesting, processing and marketing which helps to create economic activities and gainful employment opportunities.

“Rubber plantation takes six years to grow and thereafter the owner can enjoy it for more than 35 years.

“For an individual in the natural rubber production, processing and marketing business will enjoy economic game-changer because it transforms the individual into riches and abundance,” he said.

Mr Alo Adejuyigbe, Coordinator, NARPPMAN, Lagos State, said that they planned to start rubber production in Lagos very soon.

Adejuyigbe said that some expanse of land would be acquired in Ikorodu and Epe as a demonstration rubber farms for rubber production.

“We want people living in Lagos to be aware and become stakeholders in rubber production,” he said.

Mr Adeniyi Adeyokunu, Vice-Chairman, Osun NARPPMAN, also urged the government at all levels to give priority to rubber plantation because Nígeria has the land space and resources to be the highest rubber production.

Adeyokunu said that rubber was the only agricultural product that could be compared to the earnings Nigeria was getting from crude oil.

“Rubber production can be used to replace crude oil in the country due to the economic value it brings after harvesting that is why our slogan is ‘No rubber, No nation’,” he said.Ú77

The News Agency of Nigeria reports that NARPPMAN is a commodity association responsible for developing the rubber value-chain in Nigeria and has 10,102 registered members across the geopolitical zones of Nigeria and still counting

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