News Analysis On Education Loan: Please Allow Those Who Ought To Benefit From This Gracious Gesture, By B.C.Adedeji

I just finished listening to @PremiumTimesng space where numbers of people living abroad, where they take Loans with interest to pay tuition are condemning President @officialABAT’s Interest-free tuition Loan.

The host @MojeedAlabi tried to balance the conversation but he didn’t want to seem for or against it.

I am miffed at the selfishness of these people whose parents can afford to send them to university and even Private Universities sometimes but do not want the poor to get an equal opportunity for a head start in life.

@MrSomoye tried to explain to them but like those who crucify truth-bearers, they wouldn’t listen.

A better quality of Primary and secondary education funded properly will do a lot better for our society than churning out half-baked graduates who get the degree for the sake of getting it but are mostly unemployable and almighty ASUU holds the entire nation to ransom.

Many lecturers in public universities will mostly rather send their wards to Private Universities or Abroad.

Do we want to continue to have Free Tertiary education that doesn’t translate to a more employable workforce?

Holding government accountable isn’t the same as hating Government’s policies or not thinking it through before yakking about it and asking that it be yanked away.

My People say ifa n’fani lapo ya, what has free tertiary education brought us thus far?

Lecturers who hand out handouts of contents that aren’t original?

Lecturers who harvest our young girls in their primes?

Lecturers who encourage our young men to embrace cultism so they can pass their exams without earning their grades?

The decay in our government-owned tertiary institutions is mostly because it is free.

If more people pay what is due for the education they get, there will be more accountability both from the lecturers and the students.

Our skill economy will grow because no one will want to take an education they cannot apply to pay the loan they cannot afford.

It is easy to debate this on Twitter from an elitist viewpoint but please allow those who ought to benefit, to benefit from this gracious gesture of making equal opportunities available to everyone.

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