Nigerian Student Arrested In UK For Dating Children Just 3 Months He Arrived In UK

Three months after arriving in the UK, Nigerian student, Cyril Kenneth, has been arrested for allegedly attempting to date children.

 Kenneth was arrested by the police after being accused of dating minors in Belfast, UK.

According to a video shared by warriors of children, Kenneth who arrived in February for his masters degree, was arrested after multiple children between the ages of 14 and 15 reported him with evidence of him grooming and sexually harassing them.

 In the text messages he had with some of the victims, Kenneth sent his unsolicited indecent pictures, asked some of them for their house addresses, invited one of them to his house for sex, amongst other disturbing messages.

 The suspect, however, confessed to the crime and blamed it on temptation from the devil. He said he contacted the kids because he needed friends as he was new to the country. He was subsequently handed over to the police for further investigation and possible prosecution.


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