Ondo NYSC Charged To Be Agent Of Change, Revitalising Cultural Values – Ani

By Simeon Bankole

The NYSC Ondo State Coordinator, Mrs. Victoria Nnenna Ani has challenged the youths to serve as agents of positive changes towards revitalising the cultural values of the country.

The State Coordinator made the call when she declared open the Cultural Carnival for the 2023 Batch ‘C’ (Stream II) orientation course which served as the last in the series for the current year.

The elegantly dressed Mrs. Ani who is equally a Cultural Ambassador from Enugu State and traditional title holder of Odibeze said that the Nigerian youths should stop playing the attitude of Ostrich when it comes to identifying with the nation’s cultural heritage.

“It is most unfortunate and disheartening that the generation that we are planning to bequeath our heritage to are showing little interest and identifying with what emanates from the foreign land. This is not good enough and playing Ostrich when you should team up with other indigenes and natives to promote what we hold dear and precious.

“As you prepare to make your most-sought services available at your places of primary assignment and host communities, let them know that you cherish our culture by promoting the indigenous language as well as adorning our locally made fabrics. If those who are coming into our country are promoting their cultures and exporting the same into our land, then we should be wise to give our heritage an identity and sustain it,” she opined.

The Camp Director, Mrs. Martha Iziengbe Ihenyen who was indigenously dressed declared that the corps members should be proud to showcase to the world their cherished culture and language, saying that anyone who relegated his or her culture can be likened to a stranger in his or her own home.

“My dear Gentlemen Corps Members, you are resplendent in your various attires and I want to charge you to dedicate at least a day for a start that you will be putting on locally made fabrics to your places of primary assignment, religious and social circles as well as during festive season like the one which is fast approaching. Let us promote what our forebears bequeathed to us so that when we are no longer on the scene, they would be praying for us for not allowing our culture to go into extinction.”

This Stream Two Carnival wore another look as the management directed that corps members should adorn native attires brought from home or put on white khaki trousers for those who have no attire.

This action of the management was lauded by corps members and camp officials alike as they queried the rationale behind putting on foreign-made wear during an event meant to showcase and promote indigenisation through culture, tradition and language.

The cultural presentation by platoon was epic as major and minority ethnic tribes captivated the entire camp community with an electrifying display of inherited legato.

At the end of the culturally rich and captivating colourful event, the number Seven platoon which showcased Igbo culture clinched first position after beating the number three platoon displayed Ijaw culture to second position while third position went to number two platoon with Tiv culture.

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