Sculptor Turns Firewood to Classic Furniture


Ayo Ajayi

Erasmus Onyichi lectures Sculpture at the Federal University Lafia. His presence at the on-going Innovations and Technology Expo in Abuja cannot be easily ignored. Erasmus was able to appropriate ordinary firewood into classic furniture. That is, in his word, converting ordinary medium into an extraordinary product.

My advocacy is to domesticate our economy by using things that can be found here instead of importing. For instance, looking at the environment and the potentials of things within the country and using them to solve our problems. Making our own brand from our own things.

People make things in Nigeria and labelled it Italy in order to sell it. Because the notion is that if it is imported, it is perfect. We can have classic things made in this country so Nigeria can become a brand.

Firewood Funiture
Firewood Funiture

Our love for imported things will harm our economy, history and culture. So it’s high time we started looking inwards to use what we can find around us to solve our problems.

As we are facing recession in Nigeria now we are talking about indigenisation, empowerment and the rest. But you can’t be sitting on imported chair, with your hands placed on imported desk, wearing imported clothes and probably using imported policy to discuss indigenisation. To be blunt, that is HIPPOCRACY!

Look at Ghana for instance, on every design of their clothing you find a strip of Kente. On their Academic gowns, sportswear etc., what brand does Nigeria have? Even our Ankara materials are not made in Nigeria. We should start producing instead of consuming.


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