Success Of Security Operations Is Dependent On Logistics Support System– Experts

The Commandant, Nigerian Army College of Logistics, Ojo, Maj. Gen. Martin Enendu, says that the success of security operations is dependent on the efficiency of the logistics support system in place.

Enendu made the assertion at the second distinguished lecture series organised by the School of Transport and Logistics, Lagos State University (LASU), Ojo on Monday in Lagos.

The theme of the Lecture was: “Logistics Support for National Security Operations: Role of the Private and Public Sectors In Perspective”.

He said that success in security operations was only possible when the unique and complementary capabilities were brought to bear at the right time and place.

“This requires a coherent and reliable integration of all national resources by the right category of personnel to support the men executing such operations.

“To increase the speed of deployment and enhance service delivery by security forces during emergencies, Nigeria can set up a logistics outfits at the national level.

“They can give it the mandate to coordinate all transportation assets and infrastructures and make it available to security forces in the national interest.

“The Pakistan NLC model is instructive in this regard and can be copied by Nigeria,” Enendu said.

He noted that transportation needs to operate efficiently and effectively to support national security requirements in Nigeria.

“Transportation will help to speed up mobilisation of security personnel and their equipment especially in times of emergency.

“Transportation infrastructure is also linked with accessibility, particularly for military operations,” Enendu said.

 He added that national security relates to the survival and freedom of a nation and its citizens from all forms of threats.

 “Government efforts in this regard are often supported by individuals and organisations who provide assistance that cut across a wide spectrum of activities.

“Such efforts include intelligence sharing and provision of infrastructures and Logistics support to the security forces.

“Through these processes, nations have overcome various degrees of security threats facing them.

“There is need for an improvement of awareness on the civic responsibilities of individuals and organisations towards supporting security forces prosecuting national security operations,” Enendu said.

 Prof.Ibiyemi Olatunji-Bello, Vice-Chancellor, LASU, Ojo said that the roles of logistics in our world today could not be underscored.

 Olatunji-Bello said that they realised the important roles of logistics, the university approved the change of name to School of Transport and Logistics.

 Prof. Charles Asenime, Dean, School of Transport and Logistics, LASU said that there was a need for synergies with the Nigerian Army College of Logistics to solve local problems in logistics in Nigeria.

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