Sumy: 300 Nigerian Students Trapped In Sumy, Ukraine Arrive Abuja

The Federal Government On Saturday announced the arrival of 300 Nigerian students that were trapped in Sumy, Ukraine.

Evacuation Flight AZM2351 @AzmanAir Nigerians from Budapest, Hungary arrive at the Nnamdi Azikiwe Int’l Airport today, Saturday, 12h March 2022 at 8:50 PM local time, the majority of which are the #SumyStudents from Ukraine.

The Nigeria students in Sumy, Ukraine recently came out in numbers calling on the Nigerian government to come to their rescue.

On a social media video message chanting in their numbers saying, “We want to go home”

” Please we are calling on the Nigerian government and the Minister of Foreign affairs to take us home.

“Nigerian government is saying that they have withdrawn all the students in Ukraine and we are still here in Sumy, we are stock in Sumy, this is day 10, many people dont have water, no light in the hostels, it is getting cold in the hostels, no food, we are running out of supply.

“This war is not our war, we want to go home, how much will they pay us, compared to our lives. We are not at any of the borders, we are not in Poland, we are in Sumy.

The federal government had on Wednesday, approved $8.5 million for the immediate evacuation of 5,000 Nigerians stranded as a result of the Russia-Ukraine war.
Meanwhile, each returnee will get $100 from the Federal Government on arrival at the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport, Abuja.

My name is Ojebe Anthony Agada, a student of medicine at Sumy State University. The experience was very terrible, many at the time we hear bomb blast, some times gunshots and then we run to the bomkar, that is an underground shelter for the bomb blast.

There was even a time that we never had light for three days, we did not cook nor did we take our bath. That was not good at all.
When ask if money was been paid to the students to stay behind, Agada said, ” that was a rumour such never happened.

” We all were even trying to leave Sumy because it is a neighbouring state with Russia. So there was no safe passage for us to leave.
I dont think anyone was been paid to stay behind. The delay was based on looking for a safe passage for us to leave.

When ask if he will be willing to go back to Ukraine after the war, Anthony said yes.

Ambassador Bolaji Akinremi received them on behalf of the Federal Government.


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