The Youth And The Nation Development (Opinion)

By Adedokun Boluwatife

The youth is known for their prowess and bravery in handling things in society as they often drive positive change to the country through agitations and heroism.

The position of the youth can never be underrated in any developed and or developing countries, on wonderful people, have widely adopted the saying that the youths are leaders of tomorrow.

The youths are a big asset and valuable instrument as they also possess good psychological prowess and the ability to drive the country to a better destination. No doubt, this can only be achieved if the youth are equipped and well-grounded to carry out the needed activities.

The youthful age is a period that one can use to accomplish millions in life. This is when the youth can strive to attract something great and meaningful to their life. This age is when an individual can work diligently to be outstanding.

Many youths have spent their time doing wrong things instead of spending the time on something beneficial to their life. Youth should engage in activities that aid their progress in the future and the progress of the country.

The great people in life don’t achieve it in a day but it was started at a young age. The age when they can juggle and jostle for great achievement. The youths are strong, giant, and have the skill of achieving something great in life if it is properly used.

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a step as it is said, the journey of greatness begins at a younger age where someone can work.

As a promising adult that is aiming at getting to the zenith, hard-working is required and the zeal towards achieving the desired dream.

Determination is the key to a successful goal but perseverance and tenacity are needed to an accompaniment.

The age at which someone can work is when someone is young, the strength that youth have is incomparable to elderly ones. The age between 18-30 is the foundation laying age, where the foundation of greatness is laid.

The future starts now, the youth are encouraged and implored to plan their lives in their youthful age to have an impact and bring changes to society. The positive change of the country will start with an individual, it depends on what you are bringing to the table.

To bring a positive change to society and the country at large, the future needs to be planned now.

To have a dream is not enough but the impetus to work towards the dream to make it attainable because what is worth doing at all is worth doing well.

The system is faulty already but what can be done to make it better? the agitation should start now, the struggle should begin now. Everybody is planning to have a better future but there’s no effort to work towards achieving a better future. If the system will be changed, the youth need to work assiduously and work towards promoting the society and the country at large.

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