Ukrainian Varsities Intensify Admission, Offers Nigerian Students Scholarship In Medicine

Some Ukrainian Universities, the V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University, Ivano Frankivsk National Technical University of Oil & Gas, Lviv University of Business and Law and Kharkiv International Medical University, have intensified admission of new students for the 2023 academic session.

This is even as they extended scholarships for Nigerian undergraduate students who wish to study Medicine, ICT Cyber Security and Software Engineering, Petroleum Engineering, Oil and Gas Production, Energy Management and Engineering and Law.

A statement from the founder of BAUMAT-FTAISA Skills Development Centre, a representative of the Ukrainian Universities in Nigerian; Dr Cliff Ogbede, said the institutions are still running their academic programs and have been admitting new students, irrespective of the current invasion of Ukrainian territories by the Russian forces.

Ogbede mentioned that the universities are cooperating with some foreign-based universities in Germany, Poland, Croatia, Serbia, Georgia, Canada and Nigeria, where their students are continuing their academic programs uninterrupted, in addition to the existing distance learning mode.

For graduate and postgraduate programs, Ogbede affirmed that the universities are currently admitting new students and also offering scholarships for those who may wish to study Medicine, Law, Computer Science, Cyber Security and Software Engineering, Oil and Gas Production, Energy Management and Engineering, International Relations, Public Communications, Journalism and Regional studies, including several professional qualification and certificate courses amongst others.

He said options are available for any admitted student to be posted to any of the partner Universities in the countries mentioned.

Ogbede stated that Ukraine remains the best destination for affordable high quality education and irrespective of their current challenges, the country will continue to support the educational development of Nigeria, by expanding cooperation with Nigerian universities which is geared towards the creation of a sustainable system of educational, scientific and cultural cooperation, based on high international academic standards, thereby encouraging the development of regional cooperation for the harmonization of educational qualifications.

Ogbede said the universities will expand further cooperation by ensuring quality cross-cultural communications, developing of international partnerships for the commercialization of educational products, encouraging the development of the knowledge economy and enriching the scope of educational programmes, disciplines and teaching experience of the Ukrainian and Nigerian universities.

 Daily Trust

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