You Are Needed In School Unionism, Folacare Tells Female Aspirants

By Roland Bayode and Clarion Olusegun

The Outgoing Vice President of the Student Union Government, Folakemi Adaramola, known as “Folacare” has called for equal representation of gender in the Adekunle Ajasin University Student Union Government.

Lamenting that females have limited themselves to vying for the post of the vice-president, she urged all female aspirants to attempt contesting for other SUG positions, as none is gender-specific.

Adaramola stated this during an exclusive interview with our reporters recently.

She said, “In politics, there should be equal representation. In the world we find ourselves here in AAUASU, most females aspirants often limit themselves to contesting for a specific position. Who told them that this should further exist?

“In 2013/2014 administration, the general secretary, Omolola Olaola was a female. This is just to tell you that any SUG position can be contested for irrespective of your gender.”

She further corrected the notion that female aspirants must engage in promiscuous and dirty acts to win elective positions.

According to her, no political position is worth tarnishing one’s image.

“Also, most people believe that as a female you need to involve in some dirty games for you to involve in politics. It is usually said that it is not what you know, but who you know. What do you want people that know you to say about you?

“Some people take Students Unionism beyond normal. Each time I see females aspiring for political positions, I try to call their attention to the fact that they don’t need to engage in filthy acts, that will give them unrest when they get to the office.”

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