Educationist Calls For Cancellation Of 6-3-3-4 Education System

Dr Bamgbose

An educationist, Dr Muyiwa Bamgbose, has called for the cancellation of the 6-3-3-4 education system, saying its purpose has been defeated.

Bamgbose, who is the Director of Educational Advancement Centre (EAC), Bodija, Ibadan, in an interview with The Guardian, said the 6-3-3-4 system had failed to produce the desired result.

He, therefore, called for a reversal to the former system of 6-5-2-3, which he said, is better for the country.

Bamgbose said: “The 6-3-3-4 system is a failure. We were made to understand that everybody should do primary six and three years in junior secondary school. While those that are academically inclined are expected to go to senior secondary school, those who are not academically inclined will go to technical colleges.

“We have technical colleges, about five or six in Oyo State. They may not be enough. But that is not even the problem. People may not even want to attend them. Parents don’t pray that their children go to technical colleges.

“Every child leaving JSS three wants to go to SSS one. So, what is the purpose of changing the system? The purpose is defeated. It has not produced the desired result.  It is a programme that started without any basis. We just wake up and bring out policies without basis. It is better we go back to the former system of 6-5-2-3.”

Bamgbose also lamented that universities have not really addressed the problem of access, as private universities are out of reach of ordinary Nigerians.

Bamgbose, however, pointed out that promoters of private universities should not be blamed for their expensiveness. 

The director also threw his weight behind the call to make it compulsory for children of political office holders to attend public universities, saying this will force political functionaries to adequately fund education.

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