Edutorial Reporter Shortlisted For Agenda 2063 Photojournalism Competition Award

By Muhammad Auwal Ibrahim

Muhammad Auwal Ibrahim, an award-winning journalist freelancing with Edutorial magazine has made the shortlist of the Agenda 2063 Photojournalism Competition Award, an international journalism competition.

Ibrahim was selected for the final stage of the international competition alongside other veteran journalists across the African continent.

According to Irene Odera, the programs officer, the award ceremony will be held next week.

Muhammad Auwal Ibrahim

“Dear APA Finalist, Thank you for your submission for the Agenda 2063 Photojournalism Competition. We are happy to inform you that the award ceremony will take place on the 15th of June 2021 on MS Teams. The award ceremony will start at 1100 GMT, and you are encouraged to attend.” She said,

“If you are announced as a winner, you will need to put your mic and video on, so you can give your acceptance speech for a maximum of one minute. I am sure our audience would love to hear why the story is important to you and what the award means for you.”

Ibrahim expressed his excitement for making the shortlist of the international award.

“Alhamdu lilLah! It is not national this time. I am glad that I am going international in journalism like in creative writing. I am excited to have reached the final stage of Agenda 2063 Photojournalism Competition 2021 edition, an international (continental) journalism competition.” Ibrahim said.

“This is the first time I am making the shortlist for an international journalism competition. The most interesting thing was that the story that made the shortlist was my first published news story in a news organisation.”

“This is a clear indication that even the  international communities are also appreciating my efforts. May Allah help us.”

Interestingly, the shortlisted entry was his first published news story on our platform (Edutorial).

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Recall that Ibrahim has in the past won several awards including the inaugural Lekan Otufodunrin Journalists Award 2021.

He was also a finalist for the annual youth digest journalism awards 2020.

Also, he was selected for the 15th edition of the African Investigative Journalism Conference 2020, hosted by Wits University, Johannesburg, South Africa.

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