Globalise Your Cultural Identity – Lolo Ani To Ondo Corps Members

Lolo Ani

The Ondo State NYSC Coordinator, who holds the traditional title of Lolo Odibeze, Victoria Nnenna Ani has said that the best way to attract honour and pride to our culture is to globalise its outlook.

The State Coordinator who presided over the Cultural Carnival today at the NYSC Permanent Orientation Camp, Ikare-Akoko for the 2021 Batch ‘C’ (Stream 1) corps members said that the graduate youths should mobilise support for our culture and identify with it on a global stage.

“Gentlemen corps members, you don’t need the services of a seer nor crystal mirror to tell you about the ways of life of some people from the Asian countries or far East”.

“If they can be proud to acknowledge and identify with their cultural identity, then we shall be doing great disservice and injustice to our beloved country Nigeria, in whom we should be well pleased”. 

Lolo Ani asserted that every tribe in the country is blessed with a rich culture that can attract global attention if properly harnessed.

“As graduate youths who desire to traverse foreign lands after your service year, the best way to earn their respect is to promote your cultural identity and encourage them to see you as someone who is proud of your heritage.

Speaking on the theme, ‘our diversity is our strength’, the Coordinator said that all components that made up the constituents called Nigeria should come together and forge a common front to export our cultural values beyond the shores of the country.

The NYSC Ondo State boss was of the opinion other regions should follow the good example laid down in a particular geopolitical zone in which a day is set aside in a week and code-named Cultural Day in which it is mandatory for all the students and civil servants to put on fabrics that are peculiar to their origin.

“I am not against anybody who is adorning wears or lifestyle of the culture of other people but what I am saying is that no will help us to blow our trumpet if we refused to blow it ourselves. The campaign to appear indigenous in our outlook and think global begins with you” she said.

The electrifying atmosphere was fully charged as platoons identified with and presented various dances which were hatched here in camp. It is however unbelievable that corps members who met here on the camp can fuse together to showcase in an excellent manner the cultural dance assigned to their various platoons.

The impartial and incorruptible panel of judges had a hectic time before coming out to announce the results. This is so because all the platoons displayed superlatively to the admiration and applause of the camp community which appreciated their respective presentations.

Since it is an established norm that someone has to win, number 6 platoon which showcased Fulani culture garnered 90% to win the silverware. Number 4 platoon with Urhobo presentation polled 85.5% to clinch the second position and narrowly beat number 5 platoon which put up Calabar culture on stage with 85%.

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