INSIDE UDUS: Three Students Bag First-Class Honor In Education Chemistry

By Abdulrasheed Akere

When Akintoyese Ezekiel Akintunde, 23, got admission into Usmanu Danfodiyo University Sokoto, UDUS to study Education Chemistry in 2017, he aimed to bag a first-class degree but was discouraged by many people. “This school doesn’t give people first-class, so don’t disturb yourself on it” was one of the words of discouragement that some students gave to him.

Fortunately, he didn’t allow anyone to demoralize him, he put more effort into his studies and his efforts were crowned with a 4.71 CGPA as one of the fresh graduates of the 2020/2021 academic session from the most peaceful university. He attained 4.68, 4.81, and 4.78 CGPA in the 100 level, 200 level and 300 level respectively.

Ezekiel who hails from Osun State, Ejigbo Local Government Area in Nigeria’s southwest lost her mother while he was in primary school, his father was the only one who nurtured him and sponsored his education from the very beginning till the university’s level. “I lost her when I was in primary school but the vacuum was empty, I had only my dad to call and care about me. I was missing the motherly love and care, this made me shed tears one day at the 200 level,” he recalled.

“I promise to make my daddy proud because I was indebted to him for being a caring and supportive father. My Dad was full of joy when he heard about it. Sincerely, I felt grateful unto God for His divine help to actualize my dream,” he told this reporter.

When he was asked about his reading method while on campus, he responded, “I do read over and over again until I get the perfect understanding of what I am reading.” Edutorial confirmed that his state’s students’ association, the National Association of Osun State Students (NAOSS) UDUS chapter, awarded him the best-graduating student.

Education Chemistry is one out of six courses of study in the Science and Vocational Education, SVE department at the Faculty of Education and Extension Services (FFES). It is known for its few or no first-class graduates yearly; it produced only one first-class graduate in the previous 2019/2020 academic session. The university, UDUS is one of the universities that produce few first-class graduates every session, it implements a 5.0 Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA). Her first-class honour is between the interval of 4.50 – 5.0.

Just like Ezekiel, Hauwa’u Abdullahi, 21, was also discouraged from chasing a first-class degree in her first year on campus. Despite that she got carryover in a three units course [PHY 101] which made her GP to be 4.11 in the 100 level, she attained 4.61 in the 200 level, 4.69 in 300 level and later graduated with a 4.66 CGPA.

Hauwa’u was born and bred in Bida, Niger state but stayed in Kaduna. She was delighted and grateful to God for being a first-class graduate. “My joy knew no bounds when my father said ‘I am really proud of you, may it be a stepping-stone to other great achievements, the sky is not your limit, but your starting point’,” She explained.

She used to spend a lot of time reading in the library and keeps good friends that always encourage her to put in more effort. Hauwa’u advised undergraduates to, “know yourself, make wise use of your time, read hard but don’t stress your brain, pray harder and always seek for your parents prayers and never cheat in examinations.”

Contrary to Hauwa’u’s modus-operandi of reading, Adekanbi Mariam Olawumi, the third first-class graduate of Education Chemistry preferred reading in classes where there is an iota of noise to silent library. She is an indigene of Igboho, a town in Oyo state. One different thing about Mariam is that she didn’t bag first class across her first three years of study until the final year when she obtained a 4.51 CGPA.

“I didn’t see it coming, there was a time I lose hope in it because I got second class upper thrice. 4.43 in the 100 level, 4.46 in the 200 level and 4.47 in the 300 level, I kept putting effort and making sure my grade points increased across the level,” she told Edutorial.

While on campus, she doesn’t measure the time of reading but the level of assimilation. She used to charge herself to cover some part of the handout and always read every single day.

She narrated, “I was scared at 100 level but I inspired myself that since we have seen some students that graduated with good certificates from this department, I can also do it. Despite the hardships and tough times, I am happy at the end.”

“Every student should have determination for greatness, anybody can graduate with first-class, it depends on how you spend your time. You have to study yourself on where you can read and when you can read without copying others,” she advised.

About the reporter: Abdulrasheed Akere is a 300-level student of Education Biology at Usmanu Danfodiyo University Sokoto (UDUS). He can be reached via

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