Trinity Varsity Public Lecture: Olamitoye Tells How To Create Wealth By Reading Books

Dr Olamitoye (4th from Left) with Trinity University Council Members

By Ayo Ajayi

The importance of reading and studying for a successful entrepreneurship journey was brought to the fore, Wednesday, at the Public Lecture of the Trinity University, Lagos.

The Guest Lecturer, Dr. Abib Olamitoye spoke on the journey to wealth creation and emphasised the significance of studying books related to whatever vision anyone has in order to make a success of it.

Sharing his personal experience with the students and staff of the University on his journey from being a ‘village boy’ to being a successful medical doctor cum entrepreneur, Dr. Olamitoye noted that reading a book or more about any vision anyone has would make him do better.

Dr. Olamitoye had authored over 20 books that centered on vision, entrepreneurship, health, relationship, and prosperity among others. He said, “When you have a vision, it means you have a place you are going. Reading books, particularly the biography of those who have become successful in the area of your vision can make you know how close you are to the dream and how it feels to getting there.

“You don’t need to re-invent the wheel. Beyond your certificate, it is what you know and who you know that can take you further in life. Learning will help you avoid a lot of mistakes,” he explained.

The Lecturer also emphasised the need for what he called, ‘Travel Kits,’ which are other necessary knowledge in the journey to wealth creation as an entrepreneur.

“You can’t achieve anything in isolation. You are going to need help from those who know where you are going. You need an annual evaluation of your friends to know those who are still relevant or not.

“You will also need teachers, mentors, and mentees as well as strength. It is not only hard work but working smart that moves you from mediocrity to prosperity.

“Above all, the key to success is to remain focused and keep your destination in mind,” he advised.

The Pro-Chancellor of the University and Chairman of the Council, Pastor Samuel Olatunji enjoined the audience to find a way of adding value to life and do things differently. “No man out there who is set to add value to God’s creation will ever become poor,” he added.

The Vice-Chancellor, Professor Charles Ayo remarked that the Lecturer was a man who read his way to wealth. He advised the students to emulate him. He promised that the knowledge gained would be expeditiously utilised.

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