University Don Advocates Need for Ethically Sound, Accountable Public Administrators in Nigeria

Prof. Gberevbie delivering the 25th Inaugural Lecture of Covenant University

By Ayo Ajayi

A professor of Public Administration, Daniel Gberevbie has recommended the implementation of viable policies of the government by ethically sound and accountable public administrators in order to enhance better performance and service delivery in the country.

Gberevbie, of the Department of Political Science and International Relations, Covenant University made the recommendation while delivering the University’s 25th Inaugural Lecture on Friday in Ota.

In the lecture titled, “A March to the Future: Issues in Public Administration in Nigeria,” Professor Gberevbie argued that with ethical values and proper accountability imbibed by public administrators, wastages in different sectors of government are more likely to be reduced, and unethical behaviour among public officials that hinders development would likely become a thing of the past.

“The future outcome would be the development of the society in different areas such as democracy and the rule of law; security of lives and properties; democratic practices in governance; and infrastructural provision in terms of good roads, quality healthcare services, improved transportation system, better communication system, quality water supply, improved educational system as well as a better life for the ordinary citizens.”

He blamed the failure of the country to experience the much-anticipated advancement in different sectors of the economy after her independence in 1960 on poor leadership, which he said, has created lack and poverty amongst the citizens.

“This is not because of lack of resources (human and materials) in the country, but mainly due to the inability of those entrusted with the formulation and implementation of public policies and programmes for development to do the needful, that is, proper handling of governmental affairs,” he explained.

However, Gberevbie further recommended the need for families, schools, and religious centres to be role models and inculcate sound discipline and godly training in today’s youths who are the future public administrators.

“Establishment of properly funded administrative schools purely devoted to training Public Administrators would go a long way to producing the required administrators in Nigeria. A specialist from these schools is likely to exhibit sound administrative judgment in the implementation of public policies and programmes that would bring about national development more than handpicked individuals as Public Administrators without the required training.

“There is need to reasonably compensate Public Administrators as a way of motivating them for improved performance.

“A situation where a public administrator’s monthly income cannot meet his basic needs and that of his immediate family members cannot promote high productivity at the workplace,” he said.

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